Bach Trumpet Tips


Having a Bach trumpet is a wonderful thing. You get to grow your music skills and enjoy the sound of your trumpet as you play. But you may not be playing your trumpet at its optimal performance. You need to know how to maintain it well in order to boost its playability. The good news is that it's quite easy to make your trumpet easier to play and boost its lifespan too. So whether you're a beginner or an expert, here are a few things you can do to give your trumpet a good look and feel while also working on your playing skills.

Oil the valves

Oiling is a must-do if you want to better your trumpet. Valve oil assists in lubricating the trumpet and filling the air space between the casing and valve. Filling this airspace minimises air leakage when you play and makes the trumpet a lot more efficient. Valve oil also makes it easier for your trumpet to resist wear and flushes out small dirt particles.

When oiling the valves, lift them about halfway and add a few drops of valve oil. Rotate the valve to ensure the oil gets deep into the casing. Return the valve to its original position.

Replace your valve springs

You may also replace your valve springs for a better playing experience. This is one of the best options when your trumpet is really old and oiling the valves still doesn't create a smooth experience. Another reason for replacing these springs is to improve your finger strength. Springs are not all designed in the same way. Some have greater resistance than others, so you can choose stronger springs if you want to develop strength and speed. You'll be shocked at the improved speeds and strength you can play with when you return to using less resistant springs.

Avoid polishing your trumpet

You may want to make your trumpet look and work better, but polishing it is simply not the way to go. Bach trumpets can be either lacquered or silver plated, neither of which reacts well to polish. The coat of lacquer is easily scratched off once you polish the trumpet and that can ruin its appearance. Even polishing silver plated trumpets using silver polish is not a good idea. The silver polish contains abrasives that can easily scratch the coating off.

If you have to clean the trumpet, go for warm water and soap. It works wonders. You could also use silver cream as opposed to a polish when cleaning it. 


11 May 2016

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