Upgrading Your Child's Flute: Things to Consider


The flute is a beautiful instrument which can allow your child to learn the basics of music. When your child begins to learn the flute, they will start on a beginner's instrument which is normally constructed using basic parts. However, as your child progresses, they may reach the point where you need to purchase a more advanced or even a professional flute so they can continue their musical education. Below is a list of things you need to consider when upgrading your child's flute.

The material

The material used to construct the flute is something which determines how it sounds. The basic flute your child currently owns is probably manufactured from a mix of nickel and copper. This alloy makes producing the flute very cheap. This material is either painted or coated in a layer of silver. However, this alloy will not produce the same clean sound offered by more advanced instruments.

When looking for an intermediate flute for your child, you should be careful to avoid investing in more advanced and expensive models which are made of nickel and copper as they will not produce the sound your child requires. You should instead look for a flue which is made from silver or gold parts which offer clearer and warmer sounds and tones.

The shape of the embouchure hole

The embouchure hole is the technical term for the mouthpiece of the flute. Different flutes will feature different shaped embouchure holes. Typically, an embouchure hole will be round. However, they can also be rectangular or oval. The shape of the embouchure hole of depends on the personal preference of your child and the type which allows them to best play the instrument. If your child is unsure of which embouchure hole might be right for them, they should try out the range of different types available.

The type of riser

The riser can be found on the head joint of the flute at the point where the lip plate is attached. The depth of riser fitted to a flute can have a major impact on the sound produced. A shallow riser will produce a light and bright sound. Deeper risers will create a darker and deeper tone.

If you are unsure about the best type of flute for your child, you should visit a music store which sells the instrument. The staff will be happy to allow your child to try out many different types of flute so you can find the perfect instrument.


25 September 2017

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