Two reasons to buy your new instrument in person at a music store


If you want to buy an instrument, you should shop for it at a brick-and-mortar music store. Here are some reasons why.

You can use your five senses to find out more about the instrument when you examine it in person

A typical music store will usually stock multiple models of each instrument it sells, and it can take some work to determine which of these models you should buy. It could be easier to make this decision if you go to a music store, as you'll be able to use each of your five senses when evaluating each version of the instrument.

For example, if you want to buy a violin, going into a store and holding several versions of it in the standard playing position on your shoulder could result in you realising that one violin model that you had considered buying has a pungent varnish odour which, due to the instrument's proximity to your face, is overwhelming and distracting when you try to play. In this situation, you might decide to go for a violin that is coated in a different varnish whose scent is less noticeable.

Similarly, if you go into a music store and hold a particular acoustic guitar in your arms, you might find that it is far heavier than you anticipated and that a lighter guitar would feel less tiring to hold when performing several music pieces in a row.

You can play the instrument before buying it

The other big perk of visiting a music store is that you'll usually get the opportunity to play the instrument before deciding if you should buy it. This is important, as whilst you might have searched online for videos where people test out a particular instrument, this is no substitution for playing it yourself in person. The latter will allow you to detect the more nuanced aspects of the sounds the instrument produces and determine if you like these sounds, and give you a better sense of how well the instrument is constructed.

It will also help you to see if the instrument would suit your playing style. For example, if you are heavy-handed and like to play the keyboard with gusto, you might discover, after playing a specific keyboard model in the store, that its keys are too delicate and the keyboard itself too light to cope with your style of playing, and that you need to opt for a more robust model instead.

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8 March 2022

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